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Parallel execution of a Batch of simulation runs

Posted by BenjaminMarcusJones on April 7, 2011

Here’s a video demonstrating creation and parallel (local machine) execution of a design space containing 36 simulation runs using self developed code in Python and TRNSYS 17. The module will simulate the batch of 36 using a specified maximum CPU (100% here) and number of parallel threads (4 here). This concept can be generalized to any set ‘A’ containing ‘m’ design variables, each ‘Ai’ having a length ‘ni’, and executed using any “input file” -> “simulate.EXE” style simulation software (“Embarrassingly parallel”).

Code is object oriented, using Python 2.6, with standard libraries.

I also wanted to investigate how my hyperthreaded intel quad core machine would handle parallelization of TRNSYS runs.

We can see that above 4-5 cores (Threads-axis), overall performance remains constant (batch completion time remains 50s, z-axis). Hyperthreading cores therefore have no benefit, even though your TRNEXE thread will show 12.5% CPU time. Finally, the “Batch” module can specify a ceiling on CPU usage (if ie/ you want to use your machine while TRNSYS executes).

Open question: Can TRNSYS run COMPLETELY in the background? I don’t need to see these “calculation” windows all the time…

More info to follow, just a quick post for now!

2 Responses to “Parallel execution of a Batch of simulation runs”

  1. Nice work!

    About the “hidden” run of TRNSYS you can try the command line that is used by Genopt, see the last question in this FAQ:

    If you add a /h after the /n, the simulation will run in the background.
    It works in GenOpt (java), so there should be a solution in python as well.

    Good luck,

  2. Clayton said

    Looks like some good progress! Did you ever try running the Trnsys on Windows Server AWS instances?

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